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Partnership Opportunities

Phoneserve is the world's leading Internet calling card brand, specialising in prepaid calling card services throughout the world. Distributed through our regional and local Agents and Resellers, Phoneserve's prepaid calling cards provide customers with a secure means by which to purchase calling time with cash, for placing calls from home, small or medium offices or one of many Call Shops or Internet Cafes re-selling our services.

The Phoneserve Distributor ProgramTM is the most effective, successful and extensive program for enabling entrepreneurs to build a highly successful and profitable business. Contact us now to begin your successful business in the prepaid calling card market.

Why Phoneserve?

By choosing Phoneserve as your business partner you will enjoy:

Powerful Brand

The Program begins with the brand. Phoneserve is recognised as the world's leading Internet calling card brand, offering prepaid calling card services throughout the world (Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe & Latin America). More importantly, Phoneserve does not compete exclusively upon price in a price sensitive marketplace. Rather, while we are always competitively priced, we clearly differentiate ourselves by offering far superior quality than that offered by any of our competitors. The Phoneserve brand, within the international prepaid market, represents Value to the end user.

Competitive Pricing

Phoneserve's call rates are always competitive, as we work daily with the world's largest telecommunications services providers to ensure the best combination of price and quality for our customers. For examples of our retail pricing click here.

Industry-Leading Quality

When partnering with Phoneserve, you partner with the world's leading Internet calling card brand. We are recognized globally as offering the most competitive pricing combined with the very best and most reliable quality. Our commitment to supporting our customers and our continued investment in the Phoneserve brand, combine to make us the only choice for your Internet calling card needs.

Industry-Leading Sales & Marketing Support

Our unique sales and marketing programme provides one-on-one support for all aspects of your business with Phoneserve.

As an authorised partner, you enjoy the support of a highly skilled and knowledgeable Phoneserve Account Manager. We limit the number of accounts per manager, to ensure that you receive the time and attention you need.

Your account manager will be:

  • Be an expert in the industry
  • Be available for consultation and support on a daily basis
  • Is located in your region (Latin America, Gulf, Africa, Indian Sub-Continent)
  • Will make regular market visits
  • Work closely with you to develop and maximise your business potential
  • Encourage your input and recommendations in the development of new products and services.

Your Phoneserve Account Manager will become your partner in a highly successful business.

Industry-Leading OMNI Account Management Solution

Tracking and distributing call credit to your network of re-sellers is easy with Phoneserve. Using OMNI, our web-based management tool, you can check balances on all of your re-sellers accounts. Which customer is selling the most minutes? Who should you aggressively sell call time to? All of this information and more is available at your fingertips. And what's more, OMNI is provided FREE to all Phoneserve Authorised Partners!

Click here to learn more about OMNI now!

Unbeatable Growth Incentives

Our very attractive commission, bonus and incentives schemes enable Phoneserve Authorised Partners to join an elite group of entrepreneurs in a very lucrative and rewarding relationship.

The Phoneserve Partnership Program offers the complete package for success!

The Phoneserve Partnership Program offers an unbeatable opportunity in the world of pre-paid telephony services, created by combining:

  • Powerful brand;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Superior Quality;
  • Phoneserve Certification Program;
  • Industry-Leading OMNI Account Management Solution;
  • One-on-one sales and marketing support;
  • Very attractive commission, bonus and incentive schemes.

What Next?

If you want to learn how you can work with Phoneserve to grow your own highly successful Internet calling card business, complete our contact form today. We will contact you right away to help you get up and running without delay.

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